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  1. Best thing of last week?
    the dutch “festival of liberation” I went to last monday along with four idiots I call my friends
  2. What song was stuck in your head today?
    had shakira’s “la la la” stuck in my head for the second day today. been singing it nonstop during work yesterday. i don’t even like the song that much, in my opinion it’s the worst on her new album (as can be seen only from the title) 
  3. Headphones or earbuds?
    earbuds make me feel highly uncomfortable
  4. Best way of public transport?
    torn between the train and the bus. in the train I’m able to read and write without getting nauseous. the bus allows me to look at more things because of its slow speed compared to the train. I like looking inside peoples homes or observe people in the streets. both public transports make me relaxed and for me, it’s no punishment to use them. i’d go with the train though because of the ability to read/write as well as looking over long distances (sitting high up is lovely). 
  5. The most beautiful word in a foreign language?
    flutura which means butterfly in albanian. I’d like my future daughter to have that name.
  6. What are the best and worst things about your gender?
    the best are obviously the boobs, as well as the many types of clothing and outfits that are possible. i think being creative is much more difficult as a boy. i also love skirts and dresses a lot so. the worst is - surprise surprise - having your period which gave me a lot of troubles
  7. Rice, pasta or potatoes?
    potatoes all the way
  8. Worst painting?
    well idk. the first one to pop in my head is the one with the black square.  
  9. Favorite superhero?
    not into superheroes… know very few of them, only by name. I’m thinking thor but that’s only because he’s portrayed by chris hemsworth as far as I know. 
  10. Hard or soft towels?
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